To venture south-west towards Geelong for wine might seem odd due to the popularity of the Yarra Valley region, but what would you say if I told you there was a secret and seductive winery tucked in amongst the valley of the Moorabool River? To get there you venture over the You Yangs, passing scattered valleys, villages and lakes. 
Once there you can choose between sitting inside next to a cosy fire, where the wooden walls absorb the chatter from the other customers, or outside looking over the grape vines. When my partner and I visited, we were met with warm smiles and a cup of hot chocolate; my partner opted for wine (naturally). After a peaceful meal we jumped back in our helicopter and set off. The flight back is equally gorgeous, moving towards the city with a view of Port Philip Bay. - Alex T 

$1990 per helicopter 1 - 2 passengers | $2790 per helicopter for 4 people | 1.4hr flight time | 

total tour time 4.5 hrs