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"My wife Pam and I stayed in one of the cabins at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat for a weekend last year, it was a wonderful experience. Owners Rebecca and Simon have done exceptionally well in creating this space; it's quiet and secluded and after a warm welcome from the couple you're really in your own little world. The cabins are built on the hill, so the views are magnificent and uninterrupted; waking up to that every morning was lovely. We explored the surrounding property the first day, finding awesome 360* views at the top of the ridge and cute little corners of garden here and there. For the most part though we spent our time relaxing on the couch with a wine in hand, doors wide open to the Valley, it was perfect." - Chris W. 



$3800 per couple*

 Helicopter flight out to Kangaroo Ridge Retreat | 2 nights accommodation | Private Winery Tour | Daily Breakfast + Dinner | Private car return transport.

*options to extend your stay at


* This tour is exclusive as per your flight booking

** Maximum acceptable passenger weight per seat is 136 kgs (as per the Robinson operating manual)

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