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There's a wonderful feeling of open space at Mt.Duneed Estate. It's not only the country views that create the feeling but the quiet atmosphere as well; my colleague noted straight away the lack of constant city humming when we flew in. There's a beautiful olive grove behind the restaurant (which serves some exceptional tucker) that you could spend an entire afternoon wandering through. It's a peaceful place, perfect for an afternoon of relaxation. The helicopter flight is great, tracking past the city with the option to fly around Port Phillip Bay. - Sophie 


$2190 per helicopter 1 - 2 passengers | 1.4 hour flight time | $2990 per helicopter for 3-4 people | total tour time 4.5 hours


* This tour is exclusive as per your flight booking

** Maximum acceptable passenger weight per seat is 136 kgs (as per the Robinson operating manual)

Important: This booking request requires further confirmation of availability at the winery.


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