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This place is so down to earth and charming. Picture a cottage garden with vines climbing the walls of old stone buildings and raised vegetable patches positioned around the main restaurant. The dining area is open with tall arching ceilings and glass walls, you can look out onto the garden whilst enjoying a decent glass of red (or house cider if that's your jam). There's a providore to explore after you have lunch; it sells local produce, fresh flowers and homewares. The view as you fly into the Valley never fails to impress either. - Sophie 


$899 per person min 2 passengers 

| 45 min flight time | 

total tour time 4 hours


* This tour is exclusive as per your flight booking

** Maximum acceptable passenger weight per seat is 136 kgs (as per the Robinson operating manual)

Important: This booking request requires further confirmation of availability at the winery.


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